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Wanna Make A Bet?

Rating: NC17
Pairing: Sehun/Kai
Length: 1.6k
Summary: A simple bet in a gumball guessing game turns out to be a whole lot more for Jongin.

Sehun and his boyfriend, Jongin, were at the fair, going through all of the advertisement booths. They came across a cellular company booth that had a large jar of gumballs sitting on the table. Jongin stopped and asked, “Wanna make a bet?”

Sehun thought for a while because these things didn't usually work out in his favor, but with seeing the excitement in Jongin’s eyes, he couldn't resist.

“Fine.” Sehun pouted.

“Yes!” Jongin said with a little fist pump. Sehun shook his head at his boyfriend's silliness and ran his fingers through his silver locks. “Okay, whoever guesses closest to the correct number of gumballs wins.”

Then Jongin continued to say, “If I win then you have to buy me that new video game I want.”

“What do I get?!” Sehun protested.

“Anything you want because in the end I will be the winner.” Jongin said smugly.

Sehun stood there and thought deeply for a while. The eldest was starting to get impatient with every ticking second that passed by. Eventually, the lady in charge of the booth came over and asked if they were interested in switching cellular companies. Jongin told her the only thing that they were interested in was the gumball guessing game.

“Hurry up, Sehun!” Jongin whined after the lady walked away.

Hearing Jongin’s whine instantly created an idea that made his pants grow a little tighter.

Sehun eyed the older over and smirked, “Jongin, if I win then I get to top next time.” Jongin’s look of complete confidence sunk a little, but was regained when he reassured himself that he would be the one to win.

“Deal!” They agreed with a firm handshake.

The boys each wrote down a number on a piece of paper and asked the lady to come over. They explained that they wouldn't actually put their guesses into the box, but that they just wanted to know the number. In the end she agreed to tell the boys.

Jongin showed his piece of paper which had 535 written on it. Sehun revealed his which had 538 written on it.

“Well boys, you were both very close, but the number was 537.”

Jongin’s jaw dropped when he heard what the right number was. He couldn't believe that he had lost the bet. Sehun, on the other hand, had a grin of satisfaction painted across his face.

Jongin was silent the rest of the time they were walking around. He was pouting and Sehun was loving it. He had always dreamt of breaking the elder down until he forgot his own name. Just the thought of what he was going to do to his hyung had him all riled up.

Unfortunately, Sehun wouldn't be able to make his move tonight because after the fair, Jongin had to go home because he had to do his homework.

By the time the weekend rolled around, Jongin was a nervous mess. He was headed to Sehun’s place and his parents were gone. Normally, he would get excited when he found out that they would be alone for the day, but not right now because he was going to bottom. He never been on the receiving end, but it had to feel good because Sehun always liked it. Right?

When he arrived at his boyfriend's house, he let himself in without knocking. Sehun was sitting on the couch watching Avengers. Jongin slipped into the spot next to him. They continued to watch the movie in silence until it was over. During the credits, Sehun leaned over to press a kiss to the corner of his nervous boyfriend's lips and whispered, “I want you.” into the others ear.

With that said, Jongin turned himself fully towards Sehun and let his mouth be devoured by another set of hungry lips. It started out with slow sensual kisses until Sehun pushed the other back so that he was lying on the couch. Jongin moaned when Sehun bit his lip and tugged on it. He soothed the bite over with his tongue and then moved the wet muscle into the others mouth. The two fought for dominance over the kiss and for once Sehun won. As a reward for himself, he grinded his hips down on Jongin’s erection.

“Ahhhh…...Sehun!”Jongin moaned. The eldest was breathing too hard to maintain the kiss any longer so Sehun inched his lips down the length of the others neck, leaving bite marks and kisses. When Sehun bit particularly hard, Jongin let out a loud moan and bucked his hips upwards, which riled Sehun up even more. The youngest smirked at how hard the elder was panting. He wanted to make a mess out of his hyung.

“Bedroom.” Sehun growled. Jongin never would have thought that he would have liked being dominated so much.

Once they reached Sehun’s bedroom, Jongin was ordered to strip. He had never been embarrassed about his body before, but for some reason he was blushing like a preteen confessing their love to another. He probably felt this way because Sehun was staring at his bare body like a hungry, lust driven animal.

Fully clothed, Sehun pulled Jongin towards him and smashed their kiss swollen lips together. The younger bit Jongin’s bottom lip and shoved his tongue in, wrapping it around the others once again. Tongues swirled around each other and he sucked on the elders causing him to let out a wanton moan. While distracted by the kiss, Sehun started to walk the two of them backwards towards the bed. Jongin landed on his back, stark naked, with a grunt. Sehun started kissing a trail down his neck again, but went further this time than the last. When he reached a pink bud, he sealed his mouth over it and sucked hard, “Hnng!....T-touch me!”

“I will……….in a bit.” He said teasingly. After abusing one bud, he moved to the other and gave it the same treatment. Jongin was a moaning mess at that point, but Sehun wasn't done yet. He was going to repay Jongin for all the times he was made to play along with all of the others weird kinks.

He continued to kiss down the bronzed body. The further down he went the more pleasured noises he heard. Just as he was about to give attention to the spot where Jongin wanted it most, he bypassed it and moved to the others thighs. He bit, sucked, and lapped at the smooth skin. When he was finished there he moved back up so his mouth was right over the others leaking cock.

Jongin had tears of pleasure in his eyes as Sehun stared at him. Still wanting to tease his hyung, he blew over the tip of the angry red cock.

A look of irritation passed across Jongin’s face and he growled, “Oh Sehun, you better do something or---AHHHHN!”Sehun smirked around the cock in his mouth as Jongin screamed. The pitch only went up as the cock hit the back of Sehun’s throat.

“S-Sehun, more!” Jongin moaned and Sehun sucked harder. When the elder started to quiet down, he decided he didn't like that and started to hum. Jongin cried out and grabbed Sehun’s hair in a tight grip. Just as Jongin was about to cum, Sehun pulled off and made a ring around the elders cock with his fingers. He got up and grabbed the bottle of vanilla scented lube from the bedside table.

Jongin eyed the bottle, but was too debauched to be nervous anymore. He just wanted release.

Sehun warmed the substance on his fingers and then brought them down between Jongin’s legs. He circled the rim a few times and then began to push a single finger in. He began to slowly thrust it in and out a few times and when he saw no discomfort on Jongin's face, he added another finger. He felt the ring of muscle tighten around his fingers and he whispered, “Relax, Jongin.”

He was able to relax when Sehun started pressing kisses all over his face. Once all of the tension in Jongin’s body was gone, Sehun started to move his fingers again.

Once three fingers were sliding in and out with ease, he crooked his fingers and Jongin let out a surprised cry of pleasure.

“Jongin, are you ready?” Sehun huffed.

Jongin nodded as Sehun stripped his clothes off and lubed his cock up. He rubbed the tip over the others rim a few times before leaning down and kissing his boyfriend. As he pushed in, he felt Jongin's nails digging into his biceps. When he bottomed out, Jongin had tears in his eyes that the younger kissed away.

Thier breathing slowed and they smiled at each other. Jongin’s eyes mets Sehun’s and he nodded for the other to start moving. Sehun slowly pulled out and then slid back in until the elder got used to it.

“Mmmm….so good.”

After hearing those words, Sehun started to snap his hips faster and faster until all that could be heard were Jongin's incoherent mumbles and the sound of skin slapping against skin. Sehun hooked his arms around Jongin's legs, pushing them up further. The movement made it so that Jongin's prostate was being hit head on.

“Sehun-ahhhhhhhh!” Jongin moaned as he arched his back. The loud moan of his name only caused Sehun to move faster. When Sehun was about to cum, he wrapped his hand around Jongin's cock and moved it in time with his thrusts.

“I'm----” Jongin wasn't able to finish his sentence because at that moment he had just experienced his best orgasm ever. Sehun came inside his hyung a moment later with a soft grunt.

Sehun flopped down on his boyfriend and whispered, “I love you.”

Jongin giggled at Sehun slurred speech and said, “Love you too. Sehun-ah?”

Sehun lifted his head and looked at his hyung, “What is it?”

Jongin was blushing as he said, “Can we do this again?

Sehun grinned and said, “Of course.”

Jongin saw the evil glint in his younger boyfriend's eyes and gulped. Maybe he shouldn't have said that……...
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