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Across The Border

Title: Across The Border
Length: 4.1k
Pairing: Sehun/Kai
Rating: PG-13
Summary:Living in uncertainty is something that Sehun has always been terrified of. He has always had the same routine with the same people involved in it. Being kidnapped has had Sehun constantly wondering what was to come next. Baekhyun, on the other hand, has always been a free spirit, always living on the edge. He thought college would be his greatest adventure yet, but what he didn't expect was getting abducted by the enemy.

Sehun and Jongin have been attached at the hip since birth. Their parents had been very close friends and business partners before the two were even born. It was no shock that Sehun and Jongin turned out to be best friends. They were also neighbors so it made seeing each other nearly everyday a lot easier.

Their parents signed them both up at the same kindergarten. At the age of five, Sehun was much smaller than Jongin and quite terrified to go to school, but his best friend promised that he would protect him. Unfortunately, for the two best friends, they were put in separate classrooms.
Their parents complained to the school, but there was nothing that they could do.

One day little Sehun asked to play in the sandbox, but the other little boys said that only big boys can play in the sandbox.

"But I am a big boy!" cried little Sehun, almost on the verge of tears.

"Don't cry, you big baby!" one of the bigger boys yelled and threw a metal car at Sehun's leg and made it bleed.

Meanwhile, little Jongin was sitting in a little desk learning the alphabet song. He was paying close attention, but was easily distracted when he turned his head to look outside. When he squinted at the playground he saw a boy throw something at Sehun. No one was supposed to hurt Sehun. He knew at that moment that he had to help his best friend because he promised that he would protect him. He looked at the teacher, who had her back to the children, and decided it was now or never. He got up abruptly and ran out the door with the teacher screaming at him to comeback as he ran on his little legs down the hallway.

When he reached the sandbox, breathing hard, he saw the boy who hurt Sehun and yelled at him, "YOU SAY SORRY!"

The boy in the sandbox stood up and hit Jongin in the head. Jongin kicked him in the shin. By the time the little brawl was broken up by a teacher, the bully boy had a bloody lip and Jongin had a black eye.
When Jongin saw Sehun he smiled and gave the younger boy a 'two thumbs up'. That was the day that Sehun fell in love with Jongin


Sehun had been hiding his love for Jongin for nine years now. He could never confess to Jongin because Jongin liked girls, not boys. The day the Jongin got his first girlfriend, Sehun went home and cried himself to sleep. Sehun couldn't even handle being around Jongin anymore because he felt so much pain. It nearly killed him to see the other two together. Before they knew it, the two friends were growing more and more distant.

Jongin started to notice the silence between the two and he was very upset. It physically and mentally hurt not to have Sehun by his side. Not just because they were best friends, but because he loved Sehun. He has loved his best friend for a long time now. The only reason why he got a girlfriend was to distract himself from Sehun. He had to settle for a replacement because he could never tell Sehun how he felt because Sehun was straight.
Or at least that's what he thought.

Jongin broke up with his girlfriend a month later and Sehun opened up to Jongin again. Jongin could smile again and Sehun could sleep without crying. They even met up after school at Sehun's place to watch cute puppy videos. Sehun knew that puppies were Jongin's weakness.

While Sehun was in the bathroom, something under Sehun's pillow caught The older boys attention. It was a worn, leather journal, purposely hidden. Jongin looked to make sure Sehun wasn't coming back yet. He had a feeling that Sehun didn't want anyone to see, but Jongin couldn't help his curiosity. He cautiously opened the journal to the first page and instantly recognized the younger boy's handwriting.

Dear Diary.
I decided to start writing so I could let my feelings out.
I have been in love with my best friend for nine years;
since the time he stood up for me in kindergarten.
His name is Kim Jongin and he is the love of my life.
One time……..

The tanned boy's heart swelled with happiness and he was going to continue reading until he heard someone walk into the room.

"What are you doing?!"Sehun screamed. Jongin still had the journal in his hands so Sehun thought it was necessary to tackle the older boy in order to get the journal back. They fell to the floor and Sehun was sitting on top of the other. But, Jongin being the stronger of the two, easily flipped them over so that he was on the top. He pinned Sehun's arms down and leaned closer to the boy beneath him.

"What are you mmph..." Sehun was silenced when Jongin's soft lips were pressed to his. When Jongin pulled away, Sehun was blushing and confused.

"I love you. Oh Sehun. More than you could ever know." Tears started to pour down Sehun's cheek and he pulled the love of his life closer to him.
He would never let him go now.

"Promise me something, Jongin."

"Whatever you want."

"Promise me forever."

"Forever." Jongin whispered into his lover's ear.


Sehun and Jongin were both nineteen now and had been a couple for five years. They are now preparing to go to the university at which they will both be attending. Sehun wants to be a biology major while Jongin wants to major in economics. They chose to attend a good college. Both sets of parents agreed that it was a great choice, but it was located near the border between North and South Korea. Recently, there has been acts of violence toward South Koreans from the North side.

The boys reassured their parents that the security at the school was top notch. It was only a month before the new semester began, it's not like they could change schools at the last minute.

Sehun was nervous because he always stood out when he was younger. He was always the runt of the group. Now he stood out because he hit a late growth spurt and now was taller than his boyfriend. But Jongin was always there to reassure the younger that everything would be okay.

Jongin was nervous too because he was the jealous type. He was worried about who would be his lovers roommate because he knew he wasn't the only one who thought Sehun was handsome.

The day they moved into their dorms was a day full of tears, thanks to the mothers of the group. After unpacking, Jongin went to his boyfriend's dorm. When he knocked on the door, a boy with bright red hair opened it.

"Hi! You must be Jongin, Sehun's boyfriend, right?"


The redhead let Jongin in the room while he talked a mile a minute. When Jongin saw his boyfriend's face he knew he had no reason to be jealous because he could clearly sense that Sehun was annoyed by his roommate. Jongin found out after about five minutes of endless chatter that his name was Baekhyun.

After getting tired of Baekhyun’s chatter, Sehun and Jongin decided to tour the campus more thoroughly. They saw the gym, pool, and some classrooms. After about an hour they went to Jongin's dorm to see if his roommate was there yet. They figured he would be there since it was nearing the end of the day, but what they didn't expect to see was Baekhyun lying on Jongin's bed, watching someone put their clothes away. Baekhyun sat up the second he saw the other couple. Jongin walked over to the stranger and introduced himself. His roommate said that his name was Chanyeol. They also came to find that Baekhyun and Chanyeol were dating.
It wasn't that much of a shock to find that out because Baekhyun and Chanyeol were both loud and fit well together.

Jongin was relieved to hear that the two were dating because now he was 100% sure that Sehun was his and only his. Jongin hugged Sehun and told him goodnight. Just as Sehun was going to leave the room, Jongin grabbed his wrist and said, "I love you."

"I love you, too."

Little did the boys know that, that was the last time that they would talk to each other for quite a while.


Although Sehun was the one to reassure his mother that violence around the DMZ wouldn't be a problem, he wasn't so sure himself. There had recent abductions of college students from this college. He chose not to alert his mother about that problem though. Baekhyun and Sehun were talking about the kidnappings and they agreed to leave a nightlight on at all times. Baekhyun even slept with a baseball bat near him. Where he got the bat from, Sehun doesn't know.

No one really knows much detail about the abductions besides the upperclassmen on campus. The government in South Korea was trying to cover everything up so that the people wouldn't panic. Baekhyun heard stories from the upperclassmen and he told Sehun what he knew. Apparently, a sophomore named Jaewoo was kidnapped during the night. There is also a lot of rumors that he is being tortured. Sehun shuddered at the thought.

Sehun and Baekhyun slept with their nightlight on that night, alerting anyone on the outside that for sure that someone was in the room…


Sehun awoke with a start when he felt something cover his face. He Opened his eyes and saw a person whom he had never seen before standing above him. He thrashed his arms and kicked his legs, but the chemicals were too strong and he couldn't fight any longer.

When Sehun woke up he felt groggy and his entire body ached. When his eyes focused he realized that he was in a dark, cell-like room, probably in a basement somewhere. He thought he was alone until he heard someone groan in pain.

“Who’s there?” he called out.

“Sehun? It’s me…..Baekhyun.”

Before he could say anything back to the other boy the door to the dark room opened. Both of the boys were ushered out by two men who had their faces covered in black cloth. Sehun didn’t dare breathe a word because he could feel something pressing into his lower back. He could only guess the worst and assume that it was a gun.

They were led out of a little building, in which they were held in, and onto a worn footpath. They walked at a fast pace that caused Sehun to trip a few times. Sehun could see the DMZ only a few hundred meters in front of them. He knew that he had to fight back because once he was on the other side, he would need a miracle to get back.

With that on his mind Sehun dropped to the ground and kicked at the man's knees who had been pushing him along earlier. In return the man gave Sehun a hard kick to his ribs. He was made to stand up again. Once he was in the same position as he was before, he whipped his head back and it connected with the man's nose. Sehun was glad to hear that satisfying crunch. The man holding Baekhyun, who was still dazed, walked over to Sehun and swung a gun at his face, successfully knocking Sehun out.

Baekhyun was ashamed that he couldn’t help his roommate, but he he had to pay attention to where they were going, so he couldn’t let himself get knocked out. They continued on the footpath until they reached an old run down shack, very close to the DMZ. They went in and the only thing in the room was and old, rotten mattress. The two kidnappers moved the mattress aside and swept some of the dirt away to reveal a door on the floor. They opened the door and Baekhyun saw stairs that went down into a dark tunnel. Baekhyun was forced to go first. There were a few lights hanging sparsely along the top of the tunnel, but for the most part it was cold and dark. When they came to a ladder, what seemed like miles later, the man that held Baekhyun went up the ladder first. He then turned around to pull Sehun, who was still unconscious, up to the top. Baekhyun went up third and when he reached the top, he was in a small, vacant shack made of stone. When they got outside they were ushered into a white, nondescript van. Baekhyun and Sehun sat in the back while the men were in the front. When the men weren’t looking Baekhyun would shake Sehun and try to get him to wake up. Sehun had a nasty gash on his forehead and the older boy was worried about him. A while into the car ride and the younger boy finally came to.

The second Sehun opened his eyes he looked around to see where he was. He was disoriented, but relieved to see Baekhyun right next to him. The boys sat quietly the whole ride and Sehun had never been so terrified of silence in his life.

They pulled up to a brick building and were told to go inside. The men holding them captive did not follow, but the boys knew that they would be dead if they didn’t follow orders. They pushed the heavy doors open and two old ladies came over to them with sad smiles on their faces. They pulled the two boys into a room that smelled strongly of perfume. One of the ladies started cleaning the gash on Sehun’s forehead. As Sehun sat there he could see the sorrow and anger in the women's eyes.

They were given a bath with lukewarm water and put in South Korean uniforms. They added make-up as a last touch. As they were walking towards the door one lady whispered, “Be strong, little ones.”

As soon as the two walked out of the room, they were attacked immediately. Baekhyun was kicked in the back of his knees and he went down. Sehun was punched in the gut and he doubled over in pain. One of the men leaned down and said, “You do what we say when we say it. Got it?’

The boys could do nothing but nod diligently. They had handcuffs put on and were brought into a room with many cameras. They were sat in a chair and given a piece of paper with something written on it. They were told to practice saying what was on the paper. The men left and the two boys were alone with just each other. Sehun looked at the words and his anger rose.

Hello! We are South Koreans and we have lived in
South Korea all of our lives. Now we are in North
Korea and it is a much better country than South
Korea. We love North Korea so come and join us!

“Sehun, I can't say this! That would be betrayal to our own country!”

“But Baek, we could die if we don't listen.”

Baekhyun contemplated what his friend said and then replied with, “You're right,” but anyone could tell that Baekhyun was still weighing his options.

The men came into the room and started recording the two. They made sure to just film the two boys heads so that no one would see the handcuffs and become suspicious. The hostages read in a monotone voice and about one-third of the way through, they were yelled at to be more happy while reading.

They started over again with fake enthusiasm. Anyone could tell that they were lying and that made the recording men mad. They stopped the recording and both of the boys were shoved to the ground and there was a heavy barrage of kicks thrown at their weak bodies. Sehun refused to cry, but Baekhyun had given into the pain. The men stopped when another man entered the room. The man was probably in his mid-thirties. He was well groomed and he wore a pristine suit. He told the men to bring the boys to their sleeping chambers since they were not cooperating.

Sehun and Baekhyun were pushed along a lengthy hallway and down three sets of stairs. Every step was filled with pain for the two boys. When the men stopped, the handcuffs were removed and they were thrown into a jail cell without anything in it, but at least they were together. They stayed awake the entire night in fear of being attacked.

The men did not put handcuffs on either of the boys the next morning, probably thinking that they were too scared to try rebelling. They were brought to the old ladies once again. They couldn't even manage to smile anymore when they saw the boy's bruised bodies. One lady put makeup on Sehun to try and cover up the black and blue. Once again they were brought before the camera. The two hostages really tried this time, for the sake of their lives. Fortunately, the North Koreans thought their acting was sufficient enough. After they were finished filming, each of the boys were given two crackers as a reward for behaving. It was the first food either of them had seen in days. They didn't worry about the crackers being poisoned because they were so hungry. Luckily for them the crackers were safe to eat.

The food was enough for the boys to clear their minds and think about what was going on. It was a time for them contemplate how much this event has changed them.

Living in uncertainty is something that Sehun has always been terrified of. He has always had the same routine with the same people involved in it. Being kidnapped has had Sehun constantly wondering what was to come next.

Baekhyun, on the other hand, has always been a free spirit, always living on the edge. He thought college would be his greatest adventure yet, but what he didn't expect was getting abducted by the enemy.

The two of them were shoved back into the white van and there was only on man in the front. He slowly started driving them away from the DMZ. They knew the farther away from the border they got, they less chance there was for them to escape. There was only one thing to do….


When Jongin went to see Sehun the day that he was abducted, it was obvious that Sehun was nowhere to be found. Jongin started looking everywhere and he had someone open Sehun's room up too. He had already called Sehun multiple times and texted him. It wasn't like Sehun not to answer his phone. As he was running back to his room to check if maybe his boyfriend snuck into his dorm room, he ran right into Chanyeol. “Have you seen Baekhyun?” Chanyeol asked frantically.

“No, I can't find Sehun either and he isn't picking up his calls.” It was at that moment that the student council president came running down the hall and told the two panicking boys to follow him quickly. They were brought to the office and there were two teachers waiting for them. Chanyeol sat down and Jongin followed his lead.

“Before we tell you anything, you have to promise you won't share this information with anyone else.” said the older of the two teachers.

“Whatever, just tell us where Sehun and Baekhyun are!” Jongin said frustratedly.

“Thanks to our security cameras we were able to find footage of the two boys being dragged of the campus by two other men. We believe that they were North Koreans.”

Jongin’s heart sank and a wave of tears rushed out of his eyes. He couldn't stop the flow because he was supposed to protect Sehun, but he broke his promise and now he might never see him again.

Since the day Sehun was taken, Jongin hasn't eaten or talked to anyone. His parents took him home to recover. He still didn't give up hope though. He knew that Sehun would fight to come back to him. If Sehun could just make it back to the other side he would be safe because there were police swarming the border. He prayed that he would see his best friend again. But what he was asking for was a miracle.


Sehun abruptly put his arms around the driver's neck and squeezed, choking him. The car started to swerve, but Baekhyun jumped forward and grabbed the wheel. He pulled the man's leg off of the gas pedal and the car slowly came to a stop.

They looked at their surroundings from inside the car to see if anyone was watching them. When the coast was clear, Sehun got out and pulled the man out of the drivers seat. As Sehun was about to get in the driver's spot Baekhyun grabbed his arm and said, “Let me drive. I know where the escape tunnel is. I watched very carefully when you were knocked out.”

Sehun quickly scurried to the other side and got in the passenger side seat. They drove slowly, not to alert anyone to their plans.

As the shack came into view, Sehun was shocked to see that there were no guards posted there. Now that Sehun thought about it, the North Koreans made a lot of mistakes. If they hadn’t blindfolded the boys, they would not have known how to get out. If they had sent more people in the car, then they wouldn’t have been able to hijack the car. Lastly, Sehun wouldn't have been able to attack if they had put handcuffs on like they had during the camera filming. They had indeed made a lot of mistakes and perhaps that was the miracle that everyone was praying for.

They parked the car behind a bush and slowly got out. They crawled to another bush and crouched down. When they saw no one else, they moved forward cautiously. Once they reached the opening of the shack, they ran inside and threw a beat up mattress, not unlike the one on the other side, out of the way. They climbed down the ladder and into the tunnel where it all started. They ran. To get away from the enemies. To see familiar faces. To save themselves.

They made it to the other side, breathing harshly. They knew they were in trouble though when their weak bodies couldn't open the door above them. They could only bang on the door hoping to get someone's attention on the other side. The only attention they got was from behind them when they heard heavy footfalls. Just when they thought they were doomed. The door opened and light shone down upon them like rays of light from heaven for the two boys.

They were pulled up quickly to safety. When they went outside of the shack, they were put into an ambulance and taken to the hospital. Everything was so surreal for the two who had escaped. They couldn't believe that they had made it. There were tears of relief when Sehun's mother wrapped her arms around him. Both of his parents held his hands as they rode to the hospital together.

Jongin and Chanyeol were instantly alerted that the two boys were found and they rushed to the hospital.

Chanyeol saw Baekhyun in a bed and ran over him. He got yelled at by a nurse for running, but he didn't care. He embraced his lover in a hug and smothered him in kisses. Chanyeol prayed for a miracle and he got what he asked for. The person he loved most was now back in his arms.


Sehun was sleeping when Jongin came into his hospital room. He paled when he saw his boyfriends pale, weak body. Sehun woke when he felt someone stroking the side of his face. His eyes met warm brown ones with tears in them. Jongin leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss the the others battered lips.

“I'm sorry I couldn't protect you.” Jongin broke down and sobbed.

Sehun pulled the others face closer to his own and looked him in the eyes. “Kim Jongin, Don't you dare blame yourself.”

Jongin felt a little weight lifted off of his shoulders, but he still curled up next to the boyfriend and cried. They were tears of joy and anger. Once Jongin was able to get control of himself, Sehun whispered, “Hey, you wanna know a secret?”

Jongin nodded his head and looked up, “I love you, Kim Jongin. More than you could ever know.”

Jongin smiled, “I love you, too.”


“Forever.” Jongin promised.
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